Men arrested in video piracy at Linthicum theater

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Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Jerry bootleg the movie "Death Blow" for a friend.  Life imitates art. 


Eh, the whole business has changed. It's all about money now. The sad thing is it's the kids that suffer.

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Using my Own "Intellectual Means" and Equipment that I've paid for plus Internet subscription fees. Lemmee see, if we go by the now popular $15/hr rate, just my Time alone, let's call it 10hrs spread out searching in a week, $150/wk plus a $1K PC (guess I'll have to figure in Depreciation) and a $40/mo Intenet access fee... Yeah, If I figure out how to get it and D/L it myself with my own time, effort & equipment. Yeah I'm paying for it, just not Directly to Them.


If you want to go to work by Cab every day and pay them to drop you off & pick you up maybe that would be cheaper in the long run. But I chose to Buy a Car, pay for it and buy my Gas & Insurance and State Licensing Fees and drive myself. To me it's the same thing. Guess I'm just a little Screwy.

Seems your equating the cost involved in stealing content with the cost of obtaining that content legally. You're not paying for the content, but you feel you're paying for it with your paid membership and effort. Do you really spend ten hours a week searching for new movies to download? I admit I'm not that into movies, but I know most if the new releases are on On Demand not long after the theater run. I guess I don't get the strong desire to see the latest blockbuster before it's legally available for 5.99. 


Sorry to be disrespectful, but I thought you were old school, from the way you post. 

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