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On You Tube, there's a LV TV channel that sometimes runs a Live webcam in 720P from the top of Mandalay Bay looking up the Strip. I'd like to record the Stream and save it. Firefox Download Helper doesn't do it, just leaves an Icon for like 48Kb showing it as an mp4 but there's nothing there. What I'd like to do is Download the Stream, I have Handbrake and other conversion software so I don't care what Format. All I want to do is DL the streams both day & nite for abt 1/2 hr each so I can Loop them and leave it on the TV like a Screen Saver when I'm doing something else.

Any Free Software anyone know that will do it?


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Since no one piped up I searched myself. Looked at a couple Shareware/Open Source programs and so far have been playing with Debut Video Capture. Have to run it again tonite now I'm getting the hang of it. Captured the view during Sunset and seeing the Strip light up bit by bit. As I mentioned, I can put the Video on a thumb and with my little Micca Speck box I can loop it like a screen saver on the Big TV while I'm sitting there doing something else on my laptop. Later I might want to capture some other Streams but Most live streams on You Tube on people's Channels are saved there for D/L later which I can do easily with Firefox and the Download Helper. Just this Live Stream isn't Saved on YouTube. May try capturing other Cams from other sites sometime. I can plug in my headphones and run a Game and comment on how to do this and that and all and make a video of that. I know how to put together Videos with MS Movie Maker but never tried whole Screen Captures. Just fooling around.

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