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How Laura Loomer, Alt-Right ‘Guerrilla Journalist,’ Plays the fake news media

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James O’Keefe as an undercover journalist at Project Veritas. O’Keefe taught me the importance of the truth, and above anything else, he helped me become the fighter I am today. In the words of O’Keefe, content is king. You can talk a big talk, but nothing really means anything unless you’re producing original content. He has inspired me to become a content creator, and I definitely became a content generator, both during my time at Veritas and now during my time at Rebel. I learned through O’Keefe the importance of accountability, and it is because of O’Keefe that I have relied on Alinsky tactics as the foundation of what I do. At Project Veritas I learned that the most effective way to influence culture and defeat the left is by making them play by their own rule book. Whether or not people on the right who are dominating the culture war like O’Keefe, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter and Milo will admit it, much of what they do is rooted in Alinsky tactics. They successfully defeat the left and globalists on a daily basis because they make them live up to their own book of rules, i.e. identity politics. The left can’t handle when the right uses identity politics and protest tactics against them. That is why my protest of Julius Caesar was so successful. I forced the left to denounce one of their main tactics of disrupting events.

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