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This is funny(if you're a biker)

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   I found this in "The Aging Rebel", a blog that you read already if you're a biker. If you don't you should, as it keeps up on motorcycle lifestyle news. This article is pretty funny, and is yet another reasons why old style bikers hate going to places like Sturgis and the various "Bike Weeks" advertised. If it's a place where you see motorcycles being trailored to, you can bet you won't find old school bikers there. Although we do appreciate the RUBs buying Harleys and putting them on craigs list a year later because it "wasn't for them". The same guys that look down their nose at me while gassing up their Volvos on a Wednesday, dress up on the weekend "if it's sunny" ride their credit card brand new Harley, see me at a gas stop and call me "bro". I don't go mid evil on them anymore. I just smile a shake my head. Sorry for the rant. Here's the article.:

August 4, 2017


Got Goat Cheese

Got Goat Cheese

The last time The Aging Rebel did a wine story was November 10, 2008. The wine was called V-Twin Zin. It was made by V-Twin Vineyards in Santa Rosa, California. It cost $48 a bottle. Its spokesperson was Sara. Say hello to Sara. Just when you thought you had seen your last Rich Urban Biker […]

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