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Merry Christmas

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How is everyone doing this exhausted Holiday Season?

Okay maybe it is just exhausted because I am tired. :P

I hope everyone takes a second to be able to stand just in a moment of silence and look around them in the hub bub of the holidays to know you are awesome!

Sometimes we do not say it enough for those who get up each day to work and shake it all off to show some love and spirit to your family.

Those tireless Moms, Dad, Grandmas, and Grandpas that stand all out to bring cheer to little ones or to strangers with smiles and laughs.

To those who are making Kindness rocks and receiving. To those of different faiths not because you have a faith but because you are a human being deserving of respect and acceptance.

While we continued to rush around this holiday season I hope we take a minute to know kindness doesn't always cost a penny sometimes its just in the presentation of humanity.

In my faith May God Bless you and continue to guide you. 

In my humanity may you find that piece of joy this time of year that brings you cheer and comfort in the face of your own reality.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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