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N.H.S. Overwhelmed in Britain, Leaving Patients to Wait

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Actually, not all American health maintenance plans are for profit. One of the largest was the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association, covering over  106 million members was a "not for profit" program until 1986, when our beloved and benevolent government (thanks, Liberals!) decided that BC/BS was exempt until about 1986 as a social welfare program however their status was was revoked as the government decided that they sold "insurance-like programs." Go figure. I guess that like the lotteries, the government isn't happy unless they get their fingers in the pie.

In Maryland, CareFirst, a BC/BS affiliate was considered non profit, until a former CEO, William Jews, tried to take it for-profit, an idea that the State promptly squashed.

However, even today BC/BS is a major, if not the largest partner in Medicare/Medicaid programs. 

I've been a BC/BS member since the late 70's and yes, I pay small co-pays for some services (fewer now that i'm on Medicare), however knowing that nothing is free, I've gladly paid the relatively small co-pays for many benefits, including several major orthopedic  surgeries.

It's not a perfect system, however given that I can visit the physicians, pharmacies  and related needs of my choice,  I'll take it any day over someone's idea of "free" socialized medical care.

Ain't nuttin' free, folks. 


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