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Jack White bans phones at his concerts

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2 hours ago, PinkFlamingo said:

I doubt they’re going to pat you down and search you. If I have my phone, turned off or on silent, in my bag and don’t take it out there’s no problem. 

I wouldn’t bank on that.

2 hours ago, naive said:

"Use your phone and your gone" policy would likely work, but tick off a bunch of people.

Middle of the show, guy in the row in front of you decides to take a quick picture. Security sees it. Now, you have a bunch of security in front of you, telling the guy, it's time for him to go. They will argue a bit and more security will show up. The show continues, but all you can see is security trying to out a guy for taking a picture.

Suppose the guy did not take a picture but was standing, and someone behind him don't feel like standing so they summon security and say the guy had his camera out. Now, a bunch of people around you are dealing with security and missing the show.

A lot of variables with the use your phone and your gone policy.

A lot of variables go into the “your phone cannot receive any calls at all whilst inside a Faraday pouch”, as well. I’d prefer to go the route of shaming the culprit into not taking pictures at events where the artist’s ego is so fragile he can’t take it rather than deny people the chance of responding to real life scenarios that can pop up at any time, and ultimately weigh far more than an evening out watching an entertainer. 

Obviously I’m taking my point to the opposite extreme, because that’s pretty much the flip side as to where we are with typical concert goers’ behavior regarding personal cell phones. 

I mean, you don’t deny people the privilege to drive to a bar. You deny them their privilege to drive home drunk from it, though. 

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2 hours ago, Norman said:

Wait......did you say iPhone?  I'm sorry, I can't talk to you any more. :mad:

My house is an OS X / iOS ecosystem at this point in time. I guess that means we can’t be friends! :P

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