Florida shooting: At least 17 dead in high school attack

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41 minutes ago, mlatoman said:

What's telling is that, using your own words (manhood, adventure, and control), that attitude was more prevalent decades ago than it is now. Except for things like laser sights, Picatinny rail systems and other accoutrements, the gun itself hasn't changed all that much in 40-50 years. So what has changed? 

Well, society has changed. There is a lack of discipline, a lack of respect and a lack of civility in today's society. Especially in youth. Why else have mass school shootings escalated since Columbine in 1999? The guns have not changed. The ability to procure a firearm is much more controlled today than in decades past. 

But there can be no true discussion on this topic, because many will only focus on the gun and not what is driving those to commit heinous acts that 25-30 years ago were unheard of. Why is that? 

I'm sure many will say "gun owners and SA supporters will never blame the gun, for if they did, they would have to share in the results".  The same holds true for those who have witnessed the degredation to societal norms. They will not raise those issues, as they will have to share that blame as well. 

Agreed,... a lot has changed. Instead of society maturing, we've seemed to take a turn south and actually revert back to our American wild west and cowboy isms! Common sense would lead to the conclusion that this state of societal immaturity is all the reason to take the keys away,... at least until we turn the corner and return to higher state of maturity. Can't count the number of times I've confiscated the keys from two boys after their doing something stupid. Once I was convinced they fixed their 'stupid',... I returned the keys.  

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7 hours ago, ericpd said:

You are so right,... it is as simple as that. Sadly,... I don't think my countrymen will ever see this elephant. At least not for the next decade or so. There are still too many of us who conflate and equate guns with manhood, adventure, and control. Fortunately, it's appears that this phenom is generational,... which means this feeling may just die out in a few generations. Like the dinosaurs they are. If these people had to give up their guns now, their manhood quotient would deflate like a one-bladder blimp with a whole in it. And it is these Americans who feel that their manhood is more valuable than the lives of the children who've fallen after being mortally wounded by a bullet. They're comfortable with that.

i think teventually hat your countrymen will be forced to look the elephant right in the eyes. There is a tipping point and when enough mothers have lost enough chlldren that tipping point will be reached. It's just a shame that so many kids will have to be sacrificed at the altar of the gun gods before that point is reached.

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