BREAKING: Chris Tillman going back to Orioles

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On 3/16/2018 at 7:59 AM, weird-O said:

In the scenario you described, there isn't any reason not to bring him up now. But you're not accounting for some important factors. For example, ST starts can be deceiving, because he probably isn't facing A teams. He may be, I don't know either way, but minor league invitees usually end up bunched together on the B squad, facing B squads who also include other team's minor league invitees and fringe FAs who are on the bubble. Or, he may be pitching with the Orioles regulars behind him. But it's a home game, and traveling teams are usually the B squad.

As for why he should be sent to AA. The best answer is, because he hasn't pitched above A ball yet. And those games are the lower A ball levels. He hasn't even been to Frederick yet. It's not too often that low A level pitchers have great success in the majors.       

I hear what you're saying and that's certainly the logical approach, which I'm sure the Orioles will follow to the tee.  But if a kid's got great stuff, it's a waste of his time pitching in the minors.  Sure, he'll have his starts where he'll get knocked around but I'd rather have him learn how to pitch at the major league level than to blow minor league hitters away and build up this false sense of security and never learn anything.  And I don't buy into the whole, "you'll destroy his confidence" nonsense.  

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The only pitcher I can ever remember coming up from A ball and doing well was the late Jose Fernandez, and he was a generational talent the likes of which we may not see for a very long time.


Hunter Harvey ain't Jose Fernandez.

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