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Common Core Parcc Testing School Picnic Party

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On 4/10/2018 at 8:03 AM, Sandybaltimore said:

Common core has to be one of the most ridiculous math programs known to mankind. Money has been issued to shove it down the throats of our kids. If they put the correct answer, but do not use an area model or tape chart they are wrong. That is right if 7+7=14 but you just place that you are wrong. So you can see how that confuses a child. But yet they still want to shove it down the parents throat and now they are celebrating state testing.

Armistead Gardens is having a PARCC testing Picnic to try and sugar coat parcc state testing.

How about we celebrate when our kids can actually do math!? Just a thought?

Common core is just standards not a program. Pedagogy is up to schools

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