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If you want to know what Stana Katic has been up to since 'Castle' then this is it, an Amazon Prime offering.  Emily, played by Stana Katic, is the victim of serial killer who turns up alive after six years of being thought of as dead.  Her husband has remarried and her kid sees the new mom as his real mom.   And the serial killer that was convicted for killing Emily is in jail.   It has the makings for a thrilling, gritty, crime drama.   Instead it jumps the shark.  As the plot moves along, glacially, not as slow as Fortitude, but it crawls, the characters keep doing more and more implausible things.   Instead of being gritty it becomes entirely unbelievable.  It tries to fake out the viewers but does so by telegraphing the faults of the characters involved.   It is along the lines of how people accidentally get hit by freight trains.  Repeatedly.  

I've only seen 8 of the 10 episodes but it has gotten so bad that I don't really care what happens to the characters.   I'm not sure if I want to invest the last two hours only to find out that maybe the dog was the real serial killer.   Because it couldn't get much worse.   

Stana, find something better to do than this.  You're a good actress but this is a whisky tango foxtrot mish-mash of the implausible.  It is watchable if you're really bored but that is about it.   

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