Need help...Setting up a Calendar in Office 365/Outlook 2016 and OneDrive

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Before I lose my damn mind trying to unravel this mystery.....maybe one of you can give me an answer.

On and off for the last few months I have been trying to do what I would think should be an easy process

All I am trying to do is create a shareable calendar in Outlook so that my wife and I know what the other is doing. The paper calendar on the wall never works so don't go there. 

So has anyone had to fight with what should be a simple things....since f'n MS is always touting 'everything in the cloud'. 

If you have a solution great.....if you tell me that MS sucks and it is one more thing that doesn't work that is fine also. 

Details: We are both running the latest greatest Win 10, Office 365 and Outlook 2016 and OneDrive access for both of us. And it all should be up to date since I am a subscriber to the MS package. 

The 'share' button on my calendar and hers is grayed out. 

I have literally spent hours running down useless rat holes...both with MS and boards and blogs. The last one I found said...Microsoft  as always SNAFU.

As I said...I would just appreciate a 'yup SNAFU'. 

Much thanks in advance!!!

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