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Trump Adviser Tony Perkins Just Got a Global License to Spread His Anti-LGBT Hate

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Perkins isn’t your usual Christian fundamentalist. To get a sense of him, here are some choice cuts from Perkins’ long playlist:

While running a Senate campaign back in 1996, Perkins bought a robocall list from former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s company, later admitting he used a shell corporation to cover it up. This wasn’t a fluke: In 2001, Perkins spoke to the ‘Council of Conservative Citizens,’ a white supremacist organization.

In 2010, Perkins wrote that the high rate of suicide among gay teens was due not to societal homophobia but because they know they are “abnormal.” Fortunately, Perkins continued, homosexuality could be cured through “the power of Jesus Christ.” In 2016, Perkins tried to have the debunked and abusive practice of “conversion therapy” included in the Republican Party platform.



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