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Supreme Court, in 5–4 Decision, Allows States to Purge Voters for Their Failure to Vote

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1 hour ago, dogstarman said:

I believe that the reason gerrymandering and voter-suppression scum are able to sleep soundly at night is because of a “feature” of the conservative and libertarian mindset.

In their world view anything that is “legal” is fair game and totally ethical regardless of the actual motivation.

One cannot simply point out that this ruling disenfranchises a segment of voters who are most likely to be democrats. In their minds, they agree! But of course their mouths will parrot the talking point about voter fraud or some other phony but “legal” pretext.

It’s the same kind of mindset that allows Jeff Sessions to justify forcibly separating the parents and children of families seeking asylum— all done by citing “law” and then giving a bible quote with a vile smirk.

Things are going to get ugly in this country.

You mean it's not already ugly? :o

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