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Congradulations Franklin.

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BCC was simply outsmarted today and Franklin took the win the old fashion way, the earned it. Therefore, on behalf of the BCC nation and the Jedi Knights, we congradulate the entire Reisterstown community and Franklin High on a great win. There is only one regret that remains, the tailgate parties must end. we had oysters, jumbo shrimp, deep fried Chicken, Brats, beef Hotdogs, home made Pizza, beer, rocket fuel and jumbo burgers. we have done this week after week all season long and now its over.


We know most of you have grown tired of the Numerous jedi's that haunt this place, Therefore, we shall accept our defeat with dignity and grace. It is now time for the Jedi and s(cith) lords to exit the stage. The board is now yours again.






and now...with tears in my eyes...goodbye to was fun while it lasted...goodbye

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Agent Orange said it all,so we have to thank him for that send off.I still cannot believe how ill prepared our team was.

When you have a target on your backs and you are undefeated,it has to be known that the next team is coming after you....


I will keep my comments to myself about our team and our Marty Schottenheimer coach but how can we just get destroyed by Franklin in the 2nd rd?


I stll remain that this is one of the best City College teams to come down the pike in a long time and you don't get teams this good too often with this much talent.


The coaching staff,the players and the fans came ready...they saw and they conquered.Good luck in the next rd to Franklin.


Edmondson and Dunbar is all on you....we f----ed up the trifecta at M& T Bank Stadium in a couple weeks....

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