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William Shatner For President

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This was on Boston Legal about 3 weeks ago--hilarious!


He'd get my vote. And Leonard Nimoy as his VP?!?!


Ooh...I'm getting tingly just thinking about it.


Such light-hearted enthusiasm !! And then we wonder what kind of electorate keeps chosing the losers that produce the governments we suffer from? :D




1 - Wife: Gloria Rand (m. 12-Aug-1956, div. 1969, three children)


Daughter: Leslie Carol Shatner (b. 31-Aug-1958, with Rand)


Daughter: Lisabeth Mary Shatner (sculptor, b. 12-Jun-1960, with Rand)


Daughter: Melanie Ann Shatner (actress, b. 1-Aug-1964, with Rand)


2 - Wife: Marcy Lafferty (actress, m. 20-Oct-1973, sep. 1994, div. 1996)


Girlfriend: Vera Montez (actress, dated 1994-96)


3 - Wife: Nerine Kidd (m. 15-Nov-1997, d. 9-Aug-1999 drowning)


4 - Wife: Elizabeth Anderson Martin (m. 13-Feb-2001)


Mistress: Heather Locklear

Mistress: Kirstie Alley

Mistress: Joan Collins

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